About Medisr

MEDISR Nigeria Ltd. was founded by two Israeli entrepreneurs who believe in sharing Israel’s groundbreaking medical and pharmaceutical capabilities with the citizens of the world who need it most. After years of working in Nigeria on other projects, they decided to establish MEDISR in order to provide Nigerian citizens and institutions with the best medical treatment and opportunities available from all over the world.

MEDISR has proven expertise in 3 main areas: Medical tourism, long-distance diagnosis and medical solutions for state-owned and private institutions. Our team of medical professionals consists of the top Israeli doctors and specialists in different fields who work together with the most advanced medical facilities and technology to provide top grade solutions and medical care.

MEDISR works with the leading physicians in every field, allowing us to offer a wide variety of treatments in different medical disciplines including Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery and more.

Israel is well known for its advanced technologically and medicine industries, with highly skilled doctors and professionals. Together with the most advanced facilities and innovative medical equipment, MEDISR seeks to give the Nigerian people a new meaning for top quality and efficient medical treatment.

With telemedicine, we use the newest technology to introduce you live to our medical team in Israel. This team can see your medical results in real time, making it possible for the doctor in Israel to make an accurate diagnosis without ever leave Nigeria.

As experts in medical tourism, MEDISR knows how to create a full package which includes medical consultation with Israel’s top physicians and specialists via telemedicine, followed by the necessary appointments in Israel for treatment, flights and accommodation in Israel near the relevant medical center. All documentation and paperwork are handled by MEDISR to provide you with a smooth trip and enable you to focus on receiving the best medical available. As leaders in the field of medical services, MEDISR provides its clients/patients with the assurance they need to achieve the best results possible during their health care trip.

MEDISR provides a package of medical products for local medical centers, laboratory equipment, and pharmacies, with an emphasis on advanced Israeli biotech and pharmaceutical products.

We, at MEDISR, truly believe in humanity above all, when dealt the most important issue someone can face, their health.

We make our best efforts to serve our clients with empathy, sincerity and love.

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