Infectious Diseases

The Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases is made up of several units. Each of these units specialize in a specific category related to this discipline.

This approach allows our department to provide our patients with a comprehensive, integrated management of infections. The various units of the department include Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Virology, the AIDS Center, and the Tissue Typing Clinic and Bone Marrow Registry.

The department provides a consultation service for clinical infectious diseases, a service which includes consultation on the control of antibiotic use.

The Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Virology Units handle routine microbiological diagnostic services, conduct laboratory tests and carry out environmental surveillance. The Clinical Virology unit is recognized as a World Health Organization (WHO) center for influenza. The department also maintains out-patient clinics for infectious diseases and an AIDS Clinic which serves as the regional referral center for all HIV-associated problems.

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