Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Division includes Internal Medicine A, Internal Medicine B, Internal Medicine C, Internal Medicine D inpatient departments, Outpatient Unit, and Internal Medicine ICU in each of the hospitals.

The Division also includes the Gastroenterology, Nephrology and Endocrinology Departments as well as units specializing in lipids, geriatrics, diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, rheumatology, clinical immunology and clinical pharmacology.

The various Division departments and units care for complex patients from around the world, and are engaged in clinical and advanced biomedical research. The Internal Medicine Departments have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates advanced innovative diagnosis and treatment, research and education under one departmental roof, while remaining oriented on the patient, responding to their medical, social and emotional needs. Hospitalization and the various treatments are provided at new, convenient sites and departments. The unit aims to maintain a high quality of care and compliance with infection control guidelines.

The solution provided to patients and their family embodies medical excellence, reliability, compassion and humane care, and emphasizes the importance of care of the mind along with treatment of the body.


Internal Medicine

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