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Medical Tourism – Medical Treatment In Israel

Israel is a world leader in health provision and the development of new treatments, with world-class medical centers and hospitals found across the country. As a result, people have begun travelling to for medical treatment in Israel in order to take advantage of the range and sophistication of treatments that are on offer.

One of the leaders in the Israeli medical tourism field is Medisr, which is collaborating with the leading hospitals in Israel, and arguably, even in the world. Located in the city of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Aviv, Herzliya and Haifa, are world-class hospitals.
Patients from across the Middle East come here for treatments, as well as medical tourists from Europe, South America, the USA, Africa and beyond.

The Hospitals are totally geared up for the international health tourist with facilities and services tailored to their needs. Many visitors who are able to, take advantage of the location of the hospitals and venture out into the beautiful cities and nature which surrounds the hospitals and beyond, to Jerusalem, which is perhaps the capital of world religion, an amazing city of history, and contrasts, and beyond. To the south, the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is renowned for its magical waters which attract tourists around the world who take advantage of the spas which specialises in treatments using the minerals that are resold across the world.

Israel’s world class technology and health care services culminate in the offerings for medical tourism.

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