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An Intel Exclusive Interview With Mr. Nimrod Zahavi, CEO Of Medisr Nigerian Limited

Q: 1. Please tell us a brief about yourself sir.

My name is Nimrod Zahavi, I am the CEO of Medisr Nigeria LTD.
My background is in finance and business management, my passion in life is to make a positive impact and a real difference in the world –

“I see the way things are, and think how I can make them better”.

In these times, when the world is suffering from a global pandemic it has become clear just how important it is to have a strong and stable health system.

The Israeli health system has always been, and will continue to set an example as a model to the rest of the world.

My goal is to implement the Israeli

health system in Nigeria in order to improve the lives of the Nigerian people.

Medisr proudly opens the doors to the Israeli medical industry and with our knowledge and experience, we will succeed.

Our slogan is “Access To A Better Life” and we stand by it.

Q: 2. Tell us about MEDISR

Medisr Nigeria LTD. was established in Nigeria in 2019, when COVID-19 spread all over the world.
Medisr, out of a growing demand for high standards and better quality of medical care, and a belief in sharing Israel’s groundbreaking medical and pharmaceutical capabilities with the citizens of the world, decided to establish our operation in Africa, and Nigeria as our first country.

Medisr’s board of directors includes members that are involved in the medical industry for more than 15 years, and our staff is comprised of the most dedicated doctors and professors in Israel who provide the highest standard of care.

Medisr has two divisions:
1. Business to Consumers
2. Business to Business

Business to Consumers

Medisr set as one of its leading values to make our quality services accessible to as many people as possible, the first step is the establishment of our telemedicine operation.

With Telemedicine we enable Nigerians to have access to Israeli medical services such as medical consultation or second opinion with an Israeli specialist here in our offices in Nigeria.

For example: A patient is able to consult with one of our Israeli specialists from our office in Nigeria regarding their medical condition. After first general examination, according to the recommendations of the Israeli doctor that has been assigned to the patient, we will direct the patient to do further tests required for the most accurate diagnosis in one of the labs and clinics we work with here in Nigeria, Medisr will send these tests results to Israel to be further examined by the team of assigned experts there.

The patient will receive a tailor-made treatment plan written by our team of professionals without having to leave Nigeria, and in shortest time frame possible.

Another option is to re-examine medical condition which had already been diagnosed in Nigeria and share it with our team in Israel in order to get a second opinion and prevent misdiagnosis, which is a major problem even in western medicine – “about 12 million people are affected by medical diagnostic errors in the United States alone each year, the SIDM reports an estimated 40,000 to 80,000 people die annually from complications from these misdiagnoses.” (Brian Mastroianni on February 22, 2020 — Fact checked by Dana K. Cassell).

By using our cutting-edge technology, in our most advanced facilities operated by our top specialists with their rich experience, you dramatically reduce the chances of receiving a misdiagnosis, and increase the chance of receiving the most accurate tailor-made treatment plan, in the most efficient time frame, which will improve the chances of effective treatment and promising results.

With Medisr, the patient has the option to choose whether they would like to be treated in Israel or take the treatment plan to another facility. Israel, with state of the art facilities and cutting edge technology is the right place to take care of yourself and your dear one’s health, and Medisr will be right there with you, every step of the way.

Once you are in Israel, whether it is for business or pleasure, we recommend you take advantage of our medical centers and our internationally trained staff and go to a One Day Check-Up, series of tests meant to identify any early signs of health issues. Preventative medicine means finding problems early so your chances of effective treatment are increased.

Medisr has advanced facilities across Nigeria with our Israeli technology in order to allow patients to receive some of the treatments in Nigeria and\or stay in Nigeria for follow-ups

in our rehabilitation centers, thus reducing time away and the cost of treatments and travels.

Business to Business

– We believe that the Israeli model can be implemented in the Nigerian health system and improve it, therefore, we give local businesses access to Israeli companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and Israeli patents to share knowledge, ideas and technology.

We bring to Nigerian facilities; Israeli management, telemedicine departments, equip facilities with advanced technology and have training programs for Nigerian staff by our specialists in Israel.

This kind of collaboration with Medisr will allow local business owners to offer a wide range of services and better standards to their patients. It will give your business exclusivity and prestige since its being supported by the Israeli health industry and will create new opportunities.

For example: As a patient, when it comes to my health, I would look for the facility that will offer me the best services and a wide range of options. I would seek to be treated in an interdisciplinary facility that which collaborates with foreign companies and makes a real effort in developing and bringing the best health systems to Nigeria. I would seek a facility that makes the best health care accessible to me without compromising on quality of service or equipment.

Collaborations with Medisr also provide credibility and ensure the high standard potential patients and customers are looking for, a place where they can always find the best treatment to any medical condition.

– Medisr recognizes the need and the increased demand in the Nigerian health system and we aim to set up Hospitals, Medical centers, Labs and Clinics and a new way of thinking in the Nigerian health system, all equipped with our people, technology, knowledge and experience to provide our services without compromising on the standards.

We care about the community we serve, and that is why we also do pro-bono projects in the community such as a school infirmary, tests in order to raise awareness in important issues such as HIV, infectious diseases, obstetrics and other fields where preventative medicine is very important.

Part of our services:
• Telemedicine:
– Second Opinion
– Medical Consultation

• Medical Tourism: Includes all the arrangements for travel and accommodation

• One Day Check Up

• Provide foreign management to facilities

• Hospitals & Medical Centers consultant

• Procurement of cutting-edge products and technology

• Implement our Telemedicine department in local facilities

• Training for medical staff in Israel

• Supplies to hospitals, clinics and labs, etc.

Q 3. How can Prospective Clients access your services with ease? And what’s the Benefit of clients who make use of your medical service?

We are all aware of how important it is to keep our body healthy and to get the right treatment when someone suffers from a medical condition, so we will always seek the best affordable treatment. When it comes to health, we cannot compromise.

Medisr does everything in its power to be accessible to our clients whether it’s through the digital channels such as our website, social media handles, our telemedicine services, or by setting-up hospitals, and medical centers that meet our standard of services, or through our offices in prime locations such as Transcorp Hilton or Asokoro branch.

We launched several plans to match our services to our clients;
– The VIP plan includes all the benefits and exclusive treats that the high society is looking for, variety of packages to taste the luxury of Israeli culture and mix pleasure with your medical visit along with the discretion and privacy required in these cases.

– The GOLD plan is here to serve the clients who want to focus on the treatment alone and minimize time away from Nigeria.

– The “Away, At home” plan which offers all of our digital services to the client who want to stay in Nigeria and enjoy the benefits of the Israeli Telemedicine world.

All of the above are meant to be implemented in your business, and offer your clients more options for procuring the best medicine available.

The benefit of clients and patients who consume our services, whether it is an individual or a business, is that they can be assured you came to a company who cares about you.We will follow through with your requests and provide personal service so you can trust we are always there. Let us lead the way and ease your mind while we take care of everything for you so that you can focus on getting well.

Sometimes, dealing with a medical condition is not easy.
Medisr would like to make sure that the only thing you will worry about is to get better as soon as possible while you are confident there is someone looking out for your interests.

Q: 4. what’s the affordability of your Medical Products and Services?

– We have a wide range of services in order to be affordable to as many people as possible, we are working on a national scale project that will take place in the near future, and will allow more and more people to have access to our services.


Q: 5. Are there success stories/ testimonies from clients who made use of your Company’s medical services?

– Yes, we have many success stories, but we are not allowed to share private medical information and it is one of our core values to keep our clients privacy.

Q: 6. what are your future plans for MEDISR in the Nigerian (African) Medical Tourism Market?

Israel is a world leader in health provision and the development of new treatments, with world- class medical centers and hospitals

located across the country. As a result, people have begun travelling to Israel for medical treatment in order to take advantage of the range and sophistication of treatments that are on offer.

“Why do patients consider Israel as one of the best places for health tourism?
• Compliance with strict medical standards. Both state and private hospitals are on the same high level regarding technical equipment and medical care. They comply with the highest world treatment standards.

• Highly trained doctors. Israeli doctors have to study in colleges and universities for 13-15 years depending on their specialty. The educational program includes compulsory practice in American and European hospitals. Such an approach has allowed achieving a 97% safety rate during medical procedures which is the highest in the world. Some of the world-known doctors work in Israeli clinics.

• Advanced equipment. Israeli hospitals are equipped with the same high-level machinery and electronic devices as leading European or American medical facilities.” (2021 Bookimed, medically reviewed by Fahad Mawlood, Updated 16.12.2020).

“The top overall places for medical care – based on level and quality of care, price, convenience, services, and tourism possibilities — under the assumption being that many patients will combine care with a vacation– were Canada, the UK, Israel, Singapore, and Costa Rica. The rankings included 25 of the most popular medical tourism destinations” (Times Of Israel, By DAVID SHAMAH)

– After doing a deep and comprehensive market research we came to an understanding that medical tourism is a fast growing industry, the world has become a small place, global became local, and it is now achievable to seek medical treatment in developed and advanced health systems within other countries.

At Medisr, with our deep connections in the Israeli health industry, we consider ourselves to be one of the key players in this field of expertise, and with the VIP personal services we provide, we are taking the lead with the whole Israeli health industry is behind us.

Our vision is to create a trustworthy, accessible and user-friendly healthcare system which offers a wide range of opportunities for a variety of health issues, while paying attention without compromising any details along the way.

Nigerian health system should have all services available for its people and we intend to put Medisr in the top of this pyramid, looking for new ways to improve and grow in order to meet with the Israeli standard.

Medisr will be the bridge between Nigeria and Israel.

Israel has proven its medical system as one of the most advanced and efficient in the world, unique and strong; each of our staff members, treatments, facilities, medical equipment, programs, services and products is carefully chosen to meet the highest standards.

Medisr has a lot to contribute to the Nigerian people, we expect to see the same growth happen here in Nigeria. We will create new initiatives for the Nigerians in order to give them “Access To A Better Life”.

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