The Oncology Institute is a holistic center for cancer, offering a response to all needs of oncology patients including a sophisticated Radiology Unit, Chemotherapy, Biological Therapy and Immunotherapy Unit, Inpatient Department and Outpatient Clinics.

Clinical and research collaboration on a daily basis with all hospital departments and medical schools, with unique specialization of teams to treat every form of tumor.

The Institute will also propose innovative studies in all disciplines, as well as extensive international research activity in conjunction with medical institutions in both Israel and around the world.  This activity includes clinical studies, enabling exposure to innovative therapies that are in the pipeline.

Being patient-oriented, the attending physician is assisted by a professional team that includes nurses and various support therapies including a pain treatment unit and palliative care, dietary consultations and psychosocial services.

The solution provided to patients and their family embodies medical excellence, reliability, compassion and humane care, and emphasizes the importance of care of the mind along with treatment of the body.



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