The Orthopedic Division is home to several of the finest departments in Israel with some of the most sophisticated operating rooms and advanced technology used by leading specialists in Israel in every areas of orthopedics: spine, knee, hip, hand, foot, elbow, shoulder and pediatric orthopedics.

Our team of specialists will help you choose a treatment from the range of either conservative or surgical methods by way of top-quality professional consultation.

Many and varied orthopedic surgeries are performed in the operating room including complex and emergency surgeries using advanced equipment and devices, and by providing the option of using a range of cutting-edge implants.

The anesthesiologists and operating room staff are professional, skilled and highly experienced.

Inpatients received professional, multidisciplinary and top-quality care while contacts are made with institutions for continued rehabilitation.

The solution provided to patients and their family embodies medical excellence, reliability, compassion and humane care, and emphasizes the importance of care of the mind along with treatment of the body.



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